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Platinum Rust Protection Package

Superior Rust Proofing is the longest established Canadian Rustproofing company providing quality and service since 1965. Superior Rust Proofing has developed the complete Envoronmental Protection System for your vehicle. It is appied in a 4-step process which includes:

Step one: Acid Rain Protection

  • NUTRA-COAT neutralizes against acid rain and other contaminants while providing a deep clean.
  • SMOOTHING is applied to remove most mineral deposits and other harmful particles.
  • The environmental Paint Protection utilizes advanced technology to strengthen and protect the paint surface.

Step two: Rust Protection

  • An exclusive Rust Protection protect, which exceeds military specifications, is applied to all the inner panels of your vehicle. This product provides permanent rust protection and creeps into all cracks, crevices and seams of your vehicle.
  • Our exclusive under body product provides rust protection, is self-healing and protects against stone abrasions while contributing to a quieter ride. This protection preserves the structural integrity of your vehicle and assures resale value.

Step three: Surface Rust Protection

  • Since rust rapidly devalues your vehicle, it makes sense to take immediate action against it. Protect your car's exterior and undercarriage with our corrosion protection program. When combined with steps 1 & 2 this creates a total envelope of protection.

Step four: Interior Protection

  • This system preserves the beauty of your vehicle's interior. It protects fabric against oil and water based stains and maintains your vinyl and leather's appearance against fading and discolouration.
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Acid Rain & Corrosion Map

Acid Rain etches dull looking spots into a car's paint, causing paint deterioration. Road salt accelerates the corrosion process causing unsightly rust. Don't cost yourself money at resale time due to environmental damage on your vehicle.

acid rain map

Introducing the Environmental Protection System

If you live in the road salt or ocean spray regions of the country, you may need the added protection of the Environmental Protection System.

Corrosion inhibitors are added to provide maximum coverage against:

  • Surface Rust
  • Loss of gloss
  • Fading
  • Chalking
  • Rust Perforation
  • Paint deterioration due to:
  • Acid Rain
  • Tree Sap
  • Bird Dropping